Monday, August 9, 2010

Disc Golf Arrives!

Kettunen Center now offers disc golf as a new outdoor recreational activity for guests. The disc golf course, designed by Seth Hopkins, Lake County MSU Extension 4-H educator, and built by Kettunen Center staff, is set-up in a forested area along the Red Fox Trails. Disc golf is played much like traditional golf but instead of a golf ball and golf clubs players use a flying disc.

Funding for Kettunen Center’s disc golf course and a course at Baldwin Schools was supported by a grant from the Michigan 4-H Participation Fee Fund Competitive Grant Program. The grant also provided funding for new 4-H club development in Lake County, the use of EDGE educational curriculum, the purchase of a variety of official disc golf discs, and the opportunity to offer future train-the-trainer workshops at Kettunen Center. Be sure to try out the new disc golf course during your next visit to Kettunen Center. (Sorry, the course is not open to the public.)

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