Monday, June 28, 2010

Osceola County Quilt Trail

Last fall Kettunen Center staff members, in collaboration with the Osceola County Quilt Trail, designed a quilt to hang on the outside of the Red Oak Lodge.

Over the winter, several quilting groups helped paint the 8' X 8' structure. In May, the Rising Star quilt pattern, which honors all the 4-H rising talents, was hung. The project was funded with a grant from the West Michigan Quilters' Guild.

A Quilt Trail is a route containing a number of wooden blocks that are painted to resemble quilt squares which are then mounted to barns or other host structures. Together they form a self guided tour. Currently there are 13 quilt blocks in Osceola County, including Kettunen Center.

Quilt trails stretch across 24 states, celebrating rural heritage and life, encouraging communities to come together to tell their stories about the land and the people. For more information about the Osceola County Quilt Trail, please contact the Osceola Economics Alliance at (231) 832-7397.

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